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swiffer pod

I was cleaning up today and found an abandoned Swiffer pole in the corner. I’ve been following the way of the strobist lately, and thought to myself, wow. what a nice 3 section monopod. The stock bolts wouldn’t fit a hotshoe or light mount (that would be too easy), but a bit of dremel action on a 1/4″ bolt, a hotshoe, and some velcro later, and I’ve got a nifty way to get flash away from my body but still under my control.

I wouldn’t trust anything heavier than a mini flash on this (my carena mini is pictured here), but it is small enough to toss in your lighting bag and forget about. Until you need it.

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  1. 1 Bill Morgan

    Nicely done.

    You’ve inspired me and I ran to the back room and picked up my three section light bulb changer. This light bulb changer has an expandable type of “basket” at the top to hold different sizes of light bulbs.

    I inserted a flash and used a bungee for double assurance that the flash would stay in place and it worked like a charm.
    Also used a a larger bulb basket that came with this extension style pole and was able to fit a flash (580ex) as well as a Pocket Wizard receiver into the basket. I would want to use just a bit of gaffers tape to hold it in place but it’s a start.

    This is preliminary at best and another may refine it but I could shoot with this set up in seconds and the light pole extends up 12 feet with the bottom of the pole resting on the floor and if raised it went up another 4-6 feet depending on how tall you are, lol.

    The pole is aluminum so it’s light and the basket for the light bulbs is expandable around the top yet sturdy metal ribs as the sides.

    Thanks for the Inspiration!

  2. 2 Dana Lipp

    Probably been mentioned by others, but I bought an extension pole for a paint roller at a local hardware store. They come in several expanding lengths, and I added a 1/4 x 20 bolt to the end for connecting either my camera or flash.

    I’ve used it to get a birds’ eye perspective in crowds using a wide angle lens… not as cheap as the swiffer pole but certainly more adaptable.

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