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mason likes the eeepc

I’ve had my hands on an Eee PC 4G Surf for the past 24 hours or so (when I’ve been able to get it away from my son) and I have to say, I’m impressed. The wiki has step-by-step instructions for pretty much anything you’d want to do, including Xandros tweaks, alternate OS installations and hardware hacks. So far, I’ve concentrated on getting the most screen real estate out of Xandros, and getting all my familiar tools installed. I’ve actually found typing pretty easy on it’s small keyboard, and the 7″ screen is really nice. Moving back and forth to my 15.4″ laptop is really weird now, and it feels like my Gateway is even bigger than I thought it was before (seriously. the thing is huge). My back already approves of the Asus.

I also got the Backtrack 3 Beta USB image booting off of a 1GB SD Card. I left my USB DVD drive at work, and following the instructions got me nowhere. Here’s what I did.

On my XP box:

Downloaded the HP Drive Key Boot Utility and formatted / made my 1G bootable.  For detailed instructions see this page.
Downloaded the BackTrack USB Image (946MB) and copied the rar file to the flash.

Removed the SD card and put it into the Eee PC

On the Eee PC:

Opened a terminal, and copied the rar file to a temporary directory on the SSD
Used unrar (included in xandros!) to unpack the rar onto the SD

The instructions failed me at this point by telling me to run lilo barfed, and finding out what was causing the problem seemed like it was going to take longer than I wanted. luckily I noticed the dos directory with loadlin.

Create an autoexec.bat with the following lines:

cd c:\boot\dos


That’s it. reboot the box, hit esc when you get the bios screen, and choose the SD. Blam, you’re ready to inject packets and be a wireless pain in the butt. One cool thing about BackTrack (beyond it just being a good tool) is that Muts (one of the developers on BT) has an Eee PC, so you know any super irritating problems will get worked out by release.

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  1. 1 NYC andré

    Very informative info for alternative ways to run XP off a removable SD card, if I understood correctly. Cool way to run multiple OSes.

    Would be useful to know if the USB ports put out enough juice to power an external 2.5″ hard drive, using a powered, ie two-headed USB cable.

    Also a great photo of the kid ! Hopefully you’ll also getting him an OLPC, so he can enjoy real fun (for his age and with his friends, though admittedly grown up kids also have cool games)

  2. 2 Alex M

    Great photo first off.

    Can you atually get BT3 on the eeepc to actually inject or Authenticate?
    As im struggling to do so, any advice would be appreciated.



  3. 3 Michael

    WheEee! aren’t they great – the kid i mean…!

    Been a while Mr.

    Glad to see things are going very well for you.

    ~ Michael

  4. 4 Eee PC

    I gotta agree with you on the back comment, before I got mine I was lugging around a Dell Inspiron 9300. That wasn’t fun at all.

    Have you done any mods to your Eee? The touchscreen is pretty cool and well worth the time and effort!

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